The Italian Journal of Geosciences Launches in GSW

The Italian Journal of Geosciences (Bollettino della Società Geologica Italiana e del Servizio Geologico d'Italia) is now part of GeoScienceWorld. It is the official journal of the Italian Geological Society (Società Geologica Italiana) and Italian Geological Survey, published every four months in February, June and October – and is the 40th journal to join the GSW collection. Look for issues in GeoScienceWorld dating from 2009 to present.

Visit the latest issue here.

Two European Journals Set to Join GeoScienceWorld

Two exciting European journals will join the GeoScienceWorld platform in Summer/Fall 2012. The Italian Journal of GeoSciences and GeoChemical Perspectives join more than 40 other journals to be made available through the GeoScienceWorld's online eJournals platform.


New GSW Portal Debuts on HighWire's Open Platform

Alexandria, VA – GeoScienceWorld (GSW) is pleased to announce a set of major portal upgrades. As of today, GSW’s 40 journals will be delivered in an XML environment supported by HighWire’s Open Platform technology. While the bulk of the platform changes are infrastructural and will be invisible to users, GSW is simultaneously releasing its new branded look and feel for the site and a powerful new suite of user tools, including Google MapsTM-enabled advanced searching.


GSW Board Member Wins Leadership Award

We are pleased to congratulate Robbie Gries, President and CEO of Priority Oil & Gas LLC and a member of the GSW Board of Directors, who has recently been named the winner of this year’s Michel T. Halbouty Outstanding Leadership Award from the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG).


GeoScienceWorld Appoints Vance as Executive Director

GeoScienceWorld, a comprehensive internet resource for research and communications in the geosciences, is pleased to announce the appointment of Alix Vance as Executive Director of the nonprofit organization as of August 1, 2011. Ms. Vance states, "I am extremely pleased to join the GeoScienceWorld community. I look forward to serving the Board and GeoScienceWorld partners around the globe in alignment with GeoScienceWorld’s founding mission and through continued innovation in service and digital content dissemination."