GSW Announces the Addition of Interpretation to Journals

GeoScienceWorld is pleased to announce the addition of Interpretation to its prestigious collection of earth science journals. A joint publication of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Interpretation is an applications-oriented journal for advancing the practice of subsurface interpretation.  


Newly launched in 2013, each volume of the quarterly publication contains multiple special themed sections. In the articles, an interpreter evaluates alternative subsurface models consistent with available data and selects the most plausible geophysical and geologic scenarios by following scientific methods.

“Interpretation aims to advance interpretation practice that lies at the nexus of applied geophysics and geology, making it a natural addition to GSW, which embraces both disciplines,” said Ted Bakamjian, SEG publications director. “Readership of and participation in the journal will grow as a result of its inclusion.” 

"Interpretation reflects the integrated process – the geological interpretation of geophysical data – that practicing geoscientists use every day.  We are pleased with how the journal has been embraced by both industry and academia, finding widespread adoption by our members who find the publication to be a valuable, practical tool in their careers,” said David Curtiss, Executive Director, AAPG. “We're very excited to reach an even wider audience for Interpretation through our partnership with GeoScienceWorld.”

Alix Vance, Executive Director of GSW, says, “Interpretation’s approach to the evaluation and interpretation of geoscience data makes it an exciting addition to our collection of highly regarded journals. We are pleased to expand the global exposure of this innovative publication and are confident that its inclusion will complement and enrich the GSW platform.”

Interpretation will join GSW’s Millennium Collection and be integrated and cross-searchable with more than 40 peer-reviewed earth science journals and the GeoRef database.