GSW Adds Archives from Geological Society of America

GeoScienceWorld (GSW) announces the addition of another 23 years of The Geological Society of America Bulletin.  Published by The Geological Society of America (GSA) between 1923 and 1944, this content is a significant contribution to GSW’s growing collection of Earth science journals and content. 

Alix Vance, Executive Director of GSW, says, "We are pleased to be increasing access to current and archival issues of this respected journal. Researchers value the top-quality research that our platform provides in one location. They are always seeking deeper content coverage with the latest features and interoperability.” 

Jack Hess, executive director of GSA, adds, "GSA has been committed to disseminating science since 1888. By digitizing and making past issues of GSA Bulletin available on GSW, we are increasing the value and accessibility of this important historical research." 

The cover-to-cover scanning includes hundreds of large foldouts and many well-known authors and subjects, including Joseph Pardee and J. Harlen Bretz’s work on the Channeled Scablands and papers by Beno Gutenberg, Charles Francis Richter, Ian Campbell, Arthur L. Day, and Kirk Bryan. 

GSA plans to digitize the remaining archive, 1890–1922, this fall.