GSW Adds The Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences

GeoScienceWorld (GSW) announces the addition of the Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences (CJES) to its growing collection of prestigious earth science journals. Published by Canadian Science Publishing (CSP), an independent not-for profit publisher, CJES is part of the prestigious NRC Research Press collection of journals.

Alix Vance, Executive Director of GSW, says, “the Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences (CJES) has been reporting new research in all areas of earth science since 1963. Its contributions are valuable to geoscientists regionally and globally. We are extremely pleased to include CJES in our Millennium Collection journals package.”

“By becoming part of GSW, CJES will now be available to hundreds of new institutions, thereby substantially increasing visibility of the journal and the important research published within, “says Cameron Macdonald, Executive Director of CSP. “Dedicated to serving the needs of Canadian and international researchers, not only by publishing quality peer-reviewed journals but by participating in knowledge sharing activities, we’re particularly excited about the opportunity to extend the reach of the CJES by including it in GSW’s Millennium collection.”

“Now in its 50th year of publication, this international monthly journal reports current research in structural geology and tectonics, mineralogy and petrology, sedimentology and stratigraphy, geophysics, and other related Earth Science topics. CJES is supported by members of the Geological Association of Canada and is widely read in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.”

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About GeoScienceWorld
GSW is a nonprofit collaborative and comprehensive Internet resource for research and communications in the earth sciences. The GSW website contains peer-reviewed journals integrated with data from the GeoRef abstracting and indexing service. The platform gives global researchers a single point of access to a growing list of 45 scholarly journals with specialized searching capabilities and links to millions of relevant resources hosted elsewhere won the web. A new ebooks product, GeoScienceWorld eBooks Collections, and a map-based research tool, OpenGeoSci, are being developed for release in 2013-2014. 

About The Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences
Chosen by the Geological Association of Canada as its principal medium of publication of scientific papers, this monthly journal reports on current research in climate and environmental geoscience; geoarchaeology, forensic geoscience, geochronology, geochemistry, geophysics, GIS and geomatics, hydrology, mineralogy, petrology, mining and engineering geology, ore deposits, economic geology, paleontology, petroleum geology, basin analysis, physical geography, Quaternary geoscience, planetary geoscience, sedimentology, stratigraphy, soil sciences, structural geology, and tectonics. It also publishes special issues that focus on information and studies about a particular segment of earth sciences. For more information visit: