Our Mission

  • To be a comprehensive, widely-accessible, easy to use, integrated, and cost-effective online resource for research materials in the geological and Earth sciences; 
  • To operate independently and not for profit, with policies and practices that respect and support the needs of publishers, authors, educators, researchers, and librarians; 
  • To respond effectively to evolving research, presentation, education, and technology opportunities in the electronic information age for the creation, maintenance, operation, dissemination, and preservation of geoscience information and interactive facilities; and, 
  • To protect the viability and independence of society publishing programs while constantly exploring and incorporating valuable economic and strategic benefits of collaboration. 

Our mission has expanded to include books, field guides, maps, databases, and other information and interactive capabilities for the geological and Earth sciences in our online platform. For the future, we hope to serve as a portal for promoting meetings, field trips, short courses, and other activities that are available through participating societies. 

Our Vision

Our vision, as nonprofit collaborative, is to lead by advancing and promoting geoscience information for researchers and their societies. We will identify and meet emerging demands for digital services and will seek innovative methods for sharing knowledge among a growing global audience. We will continue to add high-quality scholarship and interactive capabilities to our research platforms and to develop tools that improve resource discovery and use, in order to support the work of next generations of geoscientists.