About Us

GeoScienceWorld (GSW) is a nonprofit collaborative and comprehensive Internet resource for research and communications in the Earth sciences, which is built on a core database of peer-reviewed journals and is integrated with the GeoRef index. The organization gives global researchers a single point of access to 46 full-text scholarly journals plus specialized searching capabilities and links to millions of relevant resources hosted elsewhere on the Web.

Our mission includes an expansion into additional forms of content relevant to geoscience researchers, including books, datasets, maps, tables, images, and theses, with the further development of services that optimize the discovery and use of public and proprietary resources.

GeoScienceWorld has recently launched OpenGeoSci (www.opengeosci.org), a public map-based discovery interface to help speed access to maps, charts, tables, figures, and images in earth science research materials. In May 2014 we launched the GeoScienceWorld eBook Collections consisting of more than 1,150 eBooks from leading society publishers.

Worldwide Impact

  • Geoscientists can do their work more efficiently, effectively, and comprehensively across the globe.
  • These journals are accessible to 2.5M users in China and Latin America alone, with special opportunities available to universities and businesses in developing countries.
  • University libraries, research organizations, and companies employing geoscientists with limited library space or limited budgets, which can’t afford to purchase subscriptions to all 46 of these journals, now have access through this one program. 
  • College and university students have the benefit of these resources to help them better prepare to meet the current and future demands of the geoscience workforce.

Our Founders